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Woodtrade GM  

The company

Woodtrade GM is an efficient, lean, trade company. Founded in spring 2005, Woodtrade GM can nevertheless, count on more than 10 years of trade experience in African timber species. Well established, personal relations within the African hardwood sector allow us to continuously procure best quality raw material for WT Products. Woodtrade GM collaborates exclusively with a partner company in Türkey where WT Products will be developped and machined under permanent quality control.

Environment and sustainability

Woodtrade GM takes great care that respect of the natural environment and sustainable timber harvesting are part of our suppliers policy. Legal source and application of existing local law are the minimum criteria to become a Woodtrade GM supplier. The trend towards FSC or other labels for independently certified products is accurately observed to allow Woodtrade GM to collaborate with certified suppliers and trade their products with as short lead time as possible.