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WT Products are machined from solid Tali lumber. Tali is an extraordinarily strong and durable wood. For this reason Tali is one of the most suitable species for outside use (durability) but also for flooring in public places where mechanical wear is high (strength).

Tali is also used for horse boxes, where both strength and durability are required; strength to resist horse bites and hoofbeats and durability to resist exposure to weather conditions.
Tali can also be used for bridges, industrial flooring, playgrounds and much more.

The most extreme stress that natural materials can be exposed to is certainly in hydraulic engeneering. Tali is often used for piers, sheet piles, harbour decks and so on.

Botanical name: Eritrophleum ivorense Density: ca. 900 Kg/m3 at 12% MC
Origin: west and central Africa Elasiticity: 15’700 N/mm2
Colour: yellow orange brownish, Compression: 78 N/mm2
  becoming slightly darker Torsion: 177 N/mm2
Texture: porous hardwood, slight counter fibre