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Your partner for direct import  

Our service
Thanks to a deep knowledge of the African timber chain of custody, Woodtrade GM is perfectly in tune with the market situation and can supply best conditions and service to customers worldwide.
Woodtrade GM collaborates with major importers and distribution organisations. Our strength is suppling raw material and machined products with reliable and dependable lead times.
Strategically located in Turkey (production) and Switzerland (distribution) we are able to offer our customers best service on market conditions worldwide.
Woodtrade GM is working together with importers and major retailers. Our strength in lumber supply, machining and just in time delivery of WT Products makes us your ideal trading partner for African hardwoods.

The Product
We produce WT Products exclusively in one wood species. Alternative species are monitored constantly allowing us to deliver with other sepcies upon request. By specialising in one species we are able to ensure uniform quality and competitive leadtimes on our products. In this way we are in the position to give continous service to our customer and by always having raw material on stock, special requests can be fullfilled rapidly and effectively.

For commerce with other African species our, expierence will be at our customers full disposal. Whatever is feasable from Africa we know where, how and with whom.